View Full Version : Questions about c&c cages for rats

04-11-11, 01:14 pm
Hi everyone,

I have a c & c cage for my 3 male rats and am building one for my 2 females. I'm just wondering if I can use carpet tiles for platforms to cover the grids? And also what can i use to make a hinge for my door? I'm currently using a grid for a door which is attached using a couple of keychain split rings. Thanks for any advice.

04-11-11, 02:14 pm
Can you post a picture of it now? I don't really get what you mean about the platforms to cover grids.

For a door hinge I just zip tie only one side of the grid. The other, open-able side could be a Velcro loop or a binder clip to hold it temporarily closed.

04-11-11, 03:57 pm
C&C cages aren't suitable for rats as is, you would have to overlap the grids. Keep in mind if they can get their head through something they can squeeze through the rest of the way and escape or worse, get stuck and suffocate. I've heard of it happening through 1 inch bar spacing.

04-12-11, 03:34 am
Amanda - the place I get the grids from only sell the mesh ones rather than the large square ones or i wouldnt have even thought about it due to them getting stuck.

I will post a picture later on. I have solved the hinge problem, I have used the memory wire for making rings, I happened to have some handy.

As for the platforms, I wondered would their feet get sore being on wire mesh all the time so could I cover the mesh with carpet tiles or something similar? Or would they chew it?

04-12-11, 01:03 pm
Oh I wish I could have found those when I had rats!;)

I don't think the mesh would hurt their feet too much, as long as you have plenty of other cuddly spots. I would worry about them ingesting carpet. Mine seemed to always want to "swiss cheese" everything.

I've had 12 rats at one time and while in the beginning I would sew things for them, towards the end I just gave them scraps of old clothes, tissue boxes with the plastic removed, toilet paper tubes, boxes, etc. They enjoyed it just as much and my hard work didn't end up getting chewed on.:heart: I miss my rats!