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03-20-11, 02:52 pm
I should probably introduce myself since I have been on this site for about a week. I'm JayCee and I have five beautiful pigs. Two of which aren't technically mine but I still love them just as much. The three girls Pip, Valentine, and Zelda (Zelda is my boyfriend's but is staying with me for a little while, and Pip Is my best friends but her parents wouldn't let her keep Pip so She is with me). Then I have two boys, Zero and Jace. Not to worry, The boys are in a completely different room.

I love my pigs and enjoying just watching them play and popcorn. I think it is amazing how different their personalities are! I feed them vegetable every night and always have clean food and water. Not sure what else to say, but thank you for all the help I have already gotten from this site.

Boys-Zero is the black and Orange, Jace is The gray.
Girls- Valentine, Zelda, Pip (from left to right)

03-20-11, 04:36 pm
Hey, welcome! They are TOO cute. It sounds like you really want to make sure all the piggies you know have a good home. :cheerful:

03-20-11, 04:45 pm
I love all your piggies! They are so cute. :)

03-20-11, 05:36 pm
I think Valentine is very fluffy and cute. Welcome.

03-20-11, 09:38 pm

Your piggies are extremely cute!! :cheerful: