View Full Version : Another coroplast substitute

03-04-03, 08:38 pm
I don't know how accessible this stuff might be, but I thought I'd post it up here anyway. My ex got it for me, it didn't cost a thing, and so far it's working wonderfully. He works in a cold-food storage warehouse, and the truck drivers who make the food deliveries use these thin sheets of plastic in between their pallets- they're called slip sheets. The plastic is foldable, bendable, easy to cut, and can be rolled up. It's water-resistant and can withstand a good scrubbing. The only thing I'd probably do differently is staple or zip-tie the corners, as the packing tape doesn't adhere very well, and will only hold until it gets wet. Also, it is thin- about the same as linoleum, so you can slightly feel the cubes' gridwork beneath, but it's a sturdy enough surface for Gracie, and it won't absorb water and rot away as I suspect linoleum might do after time.