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Rikku Otaku
04-24-05, 04:43 pm
Hehehe, check out my weird and wonderful stuff! :p I have new stuff all the time! ^_^

CLICK HERE!! (http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZrikkuotaku)

04-25-05, 04:37 am
Eh? Whats this got to do with Cavy Cages?? :S

04-25-05, 04:50 am
nonetheless, the stuff you're selling is cute!

Just had a look at your profile...is your boar neutered?

Rikku Otaku
04-25-05, 04:54 am
Lol, it has nothing to do with Cavy Cages, but I thought I'd post here to see if it gets any interest. And because it seems friendly enough here to have a little chat.

But on the subject of cavy cages... I'm still hunting for my own wire storage cube thingys to build some cavy cages... but I can't find them anywhere! :( I've been on lots of different site, but got nothing.

And thanx, it's pretty funky fun stuff. ^_^ I hope it all sells! Goodness knows I need the extra little bit of cash! XD

And no, Jing, our boar isn't neutered. He has his own hutch, but we let him and Yume, our sow out together if/when we want to breed them. Why do you ask?

04-25-05, 04:58 am
Because we feel that breeding is the most irresponsible thing you can do! I too live in England and I know for a fact that there are guinea pigs in shelters, because I got my boys from one. You should not breed because you are adding to the overpopulation of guinea pigs. Thats why I asked!

Do you ever get the kleeneeze catalogue posted through your door? They sell cubes for 19.99

Rikku Otaku
04-25-05, 05:06 am
Mm, I understand where you're coming from.

We bred before but sadly, the pups died a few months later. :'( It was very sad. We were going to keep them ourselves too... and we would do if we breed again too. Or if not, we would make sure that the pups go to good homes of people we know. ^^

And no, I don't get the Kleeneeze catalogue. I went on the site and it asked for loads of details just for wanting to order a catalogue. And I couldn't find the cubes on the site itself. :s

04-25-05, 05:15 am
I don't think you should risk the sows life - if were too loose her then you would have to live with that guilt. I recommend you getting your boar neutered, then at least they could each have some company. What is the point of having 2 guinea pigs, if they have to live seperately.

the catalogue definately sells them. We got it delivered to our house a month ago, and I saw the cubes in it.

04-25-05, 06:38 am
I thought this section of the site was to discuss cavy cages not to advertise stuff you have for sale. Are these type of spam topics really allowed on here?

Rikku Otaku
04-25-05, 11:00 am
I'm sorry. :( I didn't see the 'general chat' forum until after I'd posted this. I was brought here via another link, and I didn't know the site was bigger. Someone can close this topic if they want to. :(

04-25-05, 11:02 am
It's ok! Don't worry about, just a liitle misunderstanding,

04-25-05, 11:25 am
You can post things for sale on here i do by the way im selling a pack of grids cubes on ebay starting at 1p

05-03-05, 06:41 am
Do you ever get the kleeneeze catalogue posted through your door? They sell cubes for 19.99

I get that!! and never even look through it! How annoying, didn't even think to look in there and I think I had one last week :{
Oh well I'll keep an eye out for the next one....