View Full Version : coroplast problems

04-24-05, 03:03 pm
I put up my bunnies new cage but they are chewing on the coroplast sides. what can i do to stop this. i didn't know you had to put it on the outside of the cage or i would have ordered a bigger size.


04-24-05, 03:14 pm
Maybe put the grids inside of the coroplast.

04-24-05, 05:09 pm
the coroplast isn't big enough to put the grids in. i already tried that.

04-25-05, 08:47 am
if your not using shaving of any kind, just cut the sides of the coroplast off. but I guess that wouldn't work if they peed over the side -right? unless they are litter trained

04-25-05, 10:03 am
If you don't want to buy more choroplast, then you could try to glue wood over the choroplast edges. Buy a long (and lightweight) piece of wood from a hardware store and cut a groove into it that is just wide enough to stick it over the choroplast edge. If you do use glue, make sure none is exposed to the rabbits and that they can't chew it.

04-25-05, 12:20 pm
I wouldnt use glue, if they are chewing the sides as it is, they may also be tempted to chew the wood cover and then they could ingest the glue, if you could get the wood to fit without glueing it thats a great idea. You could pick up a roll of chicken wire which is cheap and them fold that just to fit over the sides. Really the best option was mentioned and that woud be to reverse the cubes and the coroplast. Its trial and error with bunny proofing so you may end up having to invest in more coroplast. Good luck!

04-25-05, 03:46 pm
i think i will try and find a metal molding to put around the edges. thanks so much.