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03-15-03, 09:32 pm
I have one pig in a standard store-bought cage, and I am considering making a Coroplast and grid cage. If the moisture from the urine gets on the Coroplast, can the Coroplast withstand it? I'm using pine shavings, and recently discovered Care Fresh, which I have started to layer on top of the pine. My pig tends to do her "business" in the corners, and I am concerned about being able to thoroughly clean the corners where the Coroplast is joined together. These cages look great, but I want to know how truly practical they are when it comes to cleaning.

03-15-03, 09:46 pm
I recently finished my CC cage. It is very easy to clean. the coroplast wipes just like plastic (it is plastic) and there is no leakage in the corners. I taped them w/ package sealing tape as suggested. I remove most of the litter w/ a dust pan, easy as pie. Don't you love Carefresh? You will have fun building your cage, I did!
You can take a peak here
community.webshots.com/al...1445RrUHwk (http://community.webshots.com/album/66181445RrUHwk)

03-15-03, 10:29 pm
Pet stores sell corner litter boxes for ferrets that you can put in the corners of your cage. This will also help in litter box training your piggies. I use towels now for the base, and I only use shavings inside the litter boxes. I used to have two llitter boxes (in corners), but he only liked one of them so I took the other out. I just have to make sure to clean it out every day or he'll pee on the towels. He only pees in the corners of the litter box so I just have to clean out the corners and add more shavings. That works great because unused shavings don't go to waste. If you don't decide to do it this way, the coroplast does clean easy, but I just put extra newspapers in each corner just in case. This helps the coroplast stay cleaner. Hope this helped. Good luck!

p.s. Put pellets or hay in one corner of the litter box to bribe them to go in the litter box.


03-17-03, 07:27 pm
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