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04-23-05, 07:24 pm
Hi, I have 3 guinea pigs at home, and my Mom also has guinea pigs and rabbits. She buys bales of hay and stores them on pallets in a shed, and I get what I need from her stash. She recently had a BUNCH of mice jump out when she removed a bale. Some of the mice had litters nesting in the hay :( She got rid of that hay and is trapping and poisoning the mice to get rid of them, but I'm wondering how to keep the hay protected from this. She can't store it in plastic containers the mice can't chew through. Does this happen to any of you? I'm scared of mice fouling the hay, and I wonder how people who have horses or something and have lot of hay deal with this :( Thanks a lot.

04-24-05, 04:38 am
Can't you get rid of the mice in a humane way =) They're animals too...

What I do, is keep a bale of hay in a very large cardboard box. The lid is open so that they hay is ventilated. The box is stores on top of the junk in our garge (old stools, bench press!), so it is a couple of feet above the ground.

04-24-05, 11:15 am
I also store my 140# bale of hay in large cardboard boxes. I have no mice problems here.

Slap Maxwell
04-24-05, 01:02 pm
I keep mine on a tarp in a shed.

04-25-05, 09:11 am
Mice can still chew the cardboard boxes, I mean if they want to be in there they will find a way. Have you tired rubbermaid bins? They come in large sizes and you can divide the hay into smaller sections to fit. Other than that I am not sure, sorry.

04-25-05, 09:50 pm
Can't you get rid of the mice in a humane way =) They're animals too... Yeah I know. It's really depressing to me actually, but it's not my decision to make :/

Thanks for your responses. I think I'm going to have to put the hay I get in cardboard so it can still breathe, maybe heft it up on the rafters in my garage lol. It won't keep out the mice but at least I'd see the hole if they get in. Mom really has too much for that. I wonder why they like our hay so much. People have barns full of hay, I can't imagine having the mice living in there is good for the animals to eat, bleh.

04-26-05, 03:20 am
There is a kind of nonlethal, humane trap which just traps the mouse then you let it go in a field or bushs away from your house. There are many kinds, here's one..


You could try rubbermaid containers/boxes with a side high enough so the mice have no way of getting in.