View Full Version : Upper Levels Loft on a 2x3?

02-26-11, 05:17 pm
I have a 2x3 cage and my GP is always standing up on the the Hidey House or her Cuddle Cup. Cracks me up and makes me think she wants to go UP. so I was thinking about a 1x2 loft.

2 questions:

1. Does a ramp work in a 2x3 cage?
2. it seems I can make one much cheaper than the $50 Guineapigzone sells them for--if I order the supplies at Guineapigzone instead of the kit. Anyone done that and if so, is it hard?

Thanks for any info!!

03-04-11, 04:07 pm
anyone? anyone at all? :)

03-04-11, 05:19 pm
My cage has a "mezzanine" level (to which my pigs hop) and an L-shaped upper level which they access by means of a short ramp constructed of "fiddle sticks." They LOVE their upper levels, mostly because I did not extend my coroplast up the inside of the "L" (it's over the base of the cage) so they have a great view. Pics can be seen in my gallery. It did take a little bit of finagling to come up with a safe design, and to make my upper level fleece work, but it was worth it.