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Wonder Piggy
02-25-11, 08:18 pm
I was just wondering how you attach fleece to the coroplast? Do you you clips or Velcro? Or do you use something else? I was just wondering because I'm getting fleece tomorrow. Thank you.:)

02-25-11, 09:19 pm
I used to use binder clips to attach it to the sides but it was tedious to clip it every few inches. I also used velcro but the fleece moves around too much when sweeping and vaccuming for either way. Now I use Uhaul Furniture Pads that I cut to fit the cage perfectly and I just fold the fleece over it to make a big pad and it's as easy as just rolling it out in the cage and flattening it at that point. In the pic it shows the binder clips, I did that the first time but you can just as easily just fold it over, it kind of sticks to itself a bit.

02-25-11, 09:56 pm
I, too, use the UHaul furniture pads under my fleece. It works great. Mine are all sewn together so that it's one piece and fits perfectly to the cage. Most people just fold the edges under or use binder clips, but it is much easier to use fleece when it perfectly fits the cage. If you're interested, you can buy C&C cage liners with UHaul furniture blankets here (http://cassandrascuddleweethings.weebly.com/cc-cage-pads.html). It's the only place that makes them, that I know of.

Before I had liners all sewn together, I just tucked the edges under - that works the best in my opinion. Usually the binder clips are pretty hard to use because they require you have at least 3-5 inches extra on all sides. Liners are a bajillion times easier to clean and use, there's nothing the pigs can dig up or crawl under and is in all one piece so you just remove one thing from the cage instead of heaps of towels and fleece. I would highly recommend them.

Good luck!

02-25-11, 11:16 pm
I actually just sit my cage on the edge of the fleece. So I lay out my U-Haul blanket (1 big sheet folded in half) and then put a Fleece sheet on top then set the cage down on the whole mess. But then I don't use Coro either. You can see the layers of my flooring in this picture.


If I were to redo the cage I think I'd turn the shelf walls the other way because that little 1 inch bit that sticks out there is a really fine poo catcher and it annoys me.