View Full Version : New member with 4 fur babies

02-25-11, 01:45 am
Hi all!

I love love love this site. We have 4 piggys and we adore them all. They have made our house so happy and we are glad we have them!

02-25-11, 02:49 am
Hello and Welcome !! :)

How old are your piggies ? What are their names ? When did you get them ? What kind of cage set up do you have ?

I have 2 girls, Cuddles who is the Boss at 3 mos. and Buttercup who is 2 1/2 mos !
I bought a C&C 6x2 cage with a 2x2 hay loft and love my girls and spoil them to pieces !

02-25-11, 03:02 am
Princess Leia is 6 months old now close to 7.

Bibble is just 4 months old and her babies ( she was pregnant when we got her and did not know) were born Feb 13th at 10 30 pm. They are called Piglet and Boh boh.

Right now we have 2 cages...both extra large pet store ones but we want to make a bigger cage with the wire ( we see them here and know it would be perfect for us) We had to seperate Leia and Bibble when the babies were a day old....Leia was feeling overwhelmed I think.