View Full Version : Rescues in Manitoba, Canada

04-23-05, 07:01 am
Does anyone know of a rescue in Manitoba, Canada? I have searched high & low and can't seem to find a shelter that has guinea pigs. My two pigs were a gift. The people who gave them to me didn't know that buying from pet stores is wrong. They meant well and now they know better but the next pigs I get I want to adopt. If anyone knows of any rescues please let me know!

04-23-05, 11:24 am
I am sorry I don't know any. MAybe check petfinder or guinea lynx.Goodluck!

04-23-05, 11:25 am
Or maybe you can check craiglist or cavyrescue. I hope you find one.

Slap Maxwell
04-23-05, 12:56 pm
Here you go:



04-24-05, 11:30 am
Oh, that's nice. The first listing spays their females (no worries hormonal problems which can be expensive) and they must go in pairs.

04-24-05, 07:38 pm
Thanks, Everybody! I thought I had tried Petfinder but I must have missed some.

04-24-05, 10:31 pm
I wrote the second listing to let them now the baby boys need to be pulled at 3 weeks of age . . . lets hope they listen or there will be a lot of pregnant girls going home!