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02-18-11, 01:50 am
Hello all- I have a friend with a single piggy who sounds to me like he has a URI. My girls are currently recovering from one, and this boy piggy was exhibiting many of the same symptoms (sneezing, lethargic, not eating, etc). She took her pig to the vet yesterday. Her vet prescribed Gentocin, one drop in each eye and each nostril, 2 times a day for 7 days. The vet she went to is not the same one I see. My pigs were prescribed Baytril for 2 weeks. Her boy pig is around 4 months old, while my girls are about 9 months. My question is, is Gentocin a good med for a cavy with a URI? I searched it on guinealynx and it is mentioned in a couple of posts for use with baby guineas. She says her vet told her that the URI had not reached the lungs, so it was basically a sinus infection and that the drops are a mild antibiotic and are gentler on the digestive system. Is this valid? I've been trying to educate her on piggies and she asked me about the URI issue tonight and I really had no clue what to tell her. Thanks for any info!

02-18-11, 09:56 am
In my experience, Gentocin (Gentamicin) is usually given for eye problems, like abrasions. I have had vets prescribe antibiotic eye drops in addition to oral antibiotics, but never on it's own. Trimeth Sulfa (Bactrim) is a safe oral antibiotic for young guinea pigs.

I would have her weigh her pigs daily and monitor very closely. If things don't improve she should ask for oral antibiotics.