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02-17-11, 03:31 pm
Just stopping in to say hello. I'm joining for my family. You may see posts by them with this user name from time to time. My daughter got her pig last July, and we're getting ready to add another for my son. Don't fret, they're actually family pets, cared for mainly by my wife and myself. They belong to the children in name only. I had pigs as a child, and loved them. Now my family is learning the joy of having a great new friend around as well.

Thanks for the great site! I've found lots of great info so far. I'll be making a bigger C & C cage for the both of them (they'll both be male, so they'll need lots of room to flex their muscles).

I'll post some pics soon so you can see our "little family".

Thanks again!

02-17-11, 03:43 pm
Welcome ! Nice to see new members here.

02-17-11, 04:53 pm
I'm new too and have learned a ton from this board.