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02-17-11, 08:33 am
I have just bought 2 female guinea pigs. Should they each have a separate litter pan? I am thinking they should because they are going in different corners.

02-17-11, 10:08 am
They mostly poop/pee where they eat. Get one big pan with a lower front or cut a space out of the side for them to enter. Put the food bowl and water bottle in this pan.
I got a high back corner ferret litter pan for the opposite corner and put hay in this one.
They will both use both pans. But even if you just have one pan, that's OK too.
You don't "need" litter pans but it will make cleaning easier IMO.

If you search the forum there are lots more threads on this with more great ideas.

02-20-11, 01:29 pm
i have a c&c cage and i got a corner littler tray for rabbits and guinea pigs from amazon.co.uk , every time they pooped on there fleece i sweepd the poos in to the littler tray , now they go were there scent is mostly. tho they do have a few accidents as expected really .