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02-13-11, 03:33 pm
I am a new guinea pig mommy. I looked on petfinder for piggies in our area and searched for rescues or people that don't want their piggies anymore to take them in, but no "such luck". My only alternative left was the pet shop, so we looked around and found to female piggies at Petsmart that stole my heart (especially one of them). We took them home on Monday and since they were so scared I left them alone for a few days. I noticed one sneezing and planed on taking them to the vet tomorrow, however on Thursday I held the smaller one (we named her Jojo) and I noticed a mass in her throat. I called the vet right away and made an appointment for the next day (Friday). The clinic we go to has TWO experienced exotic vets and after a "sample" was taken through the skin the mass was determined to be an infected lymph node and that it has to be removed. Teeth and everything else in that area seemed fine. We scheduled a surgery appointment for tomorrow. I was at ease with all of this until this morning, when I noticed that the mass has grown another smaller mass to it. I know, it shouldn't matter, since it all will be removed tomorrow, but somehow this new fast growing mass is freaking me out a bit. It wasn't there 12 hours ago. So far Jojo doesn't seem to mind, she explores eats, plays, but of course is still very scared of my husband and myself. Now my question, what can I expect after the surgery ? How fast is the average recovery ? When can I house her with her friend again after the surgery ?

The other piggy is bigger and bullies her a bit (no biting fighting, just some ruffles about the house, so I introduced a second house and now they have both one of their own). They don't fight about food, but the bigger piggy (we named her Momo) is definitely in charge. I ordered mini-grids (14 inch) to expand their living area. Sometimes Jojo squeaks, when Momo just looks at her, but Momo is not charging or flying at her. Is this normal herd behavior ? They got along fine the first days sleeping in the same house, but now Momo seems to be more confident. Will this bullying slow down again ?

Momo is a few month older and had pups at the pet store in December - but Jojo is not Momo's daughter. Momo is less active but not lethargic, just less of an explorer than Jojo. Momo eats well and the vet said she is, with the exception of the URI in good shape, no mites, lice, masses etc. But she seems to be more scared than Jojo.

Both piggies are on Baytril because of the respiratory infection and pro-biotic. and Jojo is on Remidyl because of the mass. Naturally giving them their medication doesn't help gaining their trust, so for the most part I just leave them alone until this all is over and done with, providing them with toys veggies etc. and watching them from a distance. I would appreciate any personal experience on anything I just wrote and asked.

Thank you

02-14-11, 03:46 pm
OK, Jojo, had her surgery about two hours ago and she is up and walking, but not yet eating. The vet said it wasn't the lymph-node but a bacterial abscess. He said, that she likely picked up the bacteria at the pet-shop and that it is contagious to other gps. Does anybody know if it also contagious to dogs ?

02-14-11, 04:30 pm
I am new to all this too, so sorry I have no advice, but wanted to say I hope that she feels better quick. Did the vet give antibiotics to treat the guinea pigs so they dont get sick?

02-15-11, 02:29 pm
We brought Jojo home this morning, she needs to be seperated from Momo for at least one week. Both gps are on Anti-Biotics (Baytril) and a Pro-Biotic given two hours before or after the Baytril. Jojo is also on pain-meds (Rimadyl).
The bacteria is transmited by contact, I have to wash my hands in between handling piggies and of course they have their seperate med-syringes. The vet wrote the name of the bacteria down, I will post it later.
Jojo is eating well (I hope I don't jinx it by telling :) and seems to be in good spirits.
It is not contagious to dogs and other species, but it is the same bacteria, that is also found in goats and sheeep, however the vet told me, that he doesn't know if it can be transmited from gp to sheep/goat or vice versa.
He said, that there is a good chance, that it is not returning to Jojo (he put some ant-biotic directly into the area where the mass was before he closed her up. And he also mentioned, that their is a good chance, that Momo may not get it at all, because some piggies develope an immunity to it, and since she was longer at the pet-store and even had young there and still doesn't show any signs ... the outlook is good... However incubation is 4 to 6 weeks, so we don't know for sure until this time has past.

02-15-11, 03:00 pm
Is the bacteria Corynebacterium? My piggy has a bladder infection and this bacteria was detected. The vet told me that it will occasionally show up in stone pigs (no stones yet, knock on wood), but that this type of bacteria is usually found in abscesses and especially in goats. I found all this out yesterday, so I thought it would be interesting if it was this same bacteria I just found out about. Best of luck with the piggies, fingers crossed Momo doesn't get it too.

02-16-11, 02:14 pm
Yes, it is Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis