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02-06-11, 01:04 am
Hello all,

My name is Lori. Our little cavvy is Emily, we have had her for a week. We got her for my 7 year old daughter Sydney (I am Emily's primary care taker.) My daughter helps with her floor/playtime and they are becoming fast friends. Emily is quickly becoming a member of the family. We also have 3 cats , 1 dog Maggie who would love to get to know Emily alot better lol we also have hermit crabs (6) and 2 fish tanks. So between all the animals, a child and a husband I keep very busy!

02-06-11, 01:24 am
Welcome to the forum! You will find a ton of great information on here! Be sure to post pictures of Emily! :)

02-06-11, 02:36 am
Welcome Lori !
This is a really great forum with a lot of awesome information that is accurate, facts that are reliable and very important for someone who wants to know how to take really good care of their cavy. One has to be very careful about what they "believe" to be the truth about piggies, because there is so much mis-information out there. I have learned so much since coming on to this site, and am very grateful for it ! We love "pigtures" , so whenever you get a chance, post some of Emily !

04-30-11, 06:46 am
Hi I am in Ia too. We have fish, two hamsters, three turtles.

04-30-11, 06:48 am
Hi I am in Ia too. We have guinea pig, LolaN fish, two hamsters baby and bubba,, three turtles, nitro - bubbles- squirt.