View Full Version : My Bunny has his new C&C cage!

02-26-03, 12:32 pm
Okay so I got the grids weeks ago, but it took longer to get the coroplast. I've built the cage 2x4 with two storeys with 2 grids missing from the 2nd floor so he can jump up. He has proved he doesn't need a step or a ramp. I managed to get 4 free carpet samples from a local store to cover all the floors. He has a litter tray, food and water and digging box on ground level and hay rack and play things on 2nd floor. I made the sides of the base 7.5 inches high as he tends to pee over the edge of his tray sometimes.

Essex, England

02-26-03, 05:03 pm
I bet your bunny loves it.
I am still working out the best design for my 5 piggies. Jody

02-28-03, 08:24 am
I have two fairly large rabbits (not huge) and considered making a CC cage for them also (I have two CC cages for my 4 guinea pigs). I was concerned that the cubes and connectors (even with ties) wouldn't be strong enough for a rabbit to stand up against, kick etc. Right now I have them in large dog crates instead, with plenty of outside hopping time. [don't want to derail this forum to discuss rabbits, but interested if others have used CC for their bunnies]

04-06-03, 04:03 pm
After finding this site and reading all the great info I decided to build my new guinea pig a new C&C cage. I also have a dwarf rabbit and was thinking of building him a C&C also so I'm glad I found your posting:)