View Full Version : Vet Vern Has Lice ..Medicine Question!!!!

02-01-11, 11:37 am
Hi, Vern and Gladys went to the Vet this morning. I knew something was wrong with Vern for about a week and a half. Turns out she has lice. Poor thing :(. Anyways, Gladys doesn't have them (even though they share a cage?!?)
My Vet gave us 3 doses for each piggie of Ivermectin (ORAL).
I am a newbie at this kinda stuff so I really don't know much about meds. I read someone else's thread on here that said her Vet stated that Oral Ivermectin does not treat Lice??
If anyone has any helpful suggestions for me I would appreciate it.

Does the oral kind treat her lice? Any one with success using that??
Or do I need to call my Vet and tell her that what she prescribed won't work.
Please help, I don't want to find out that this Oral Ivermectin did nothing after 3 weeks.
Thank You

02-01-11, 02:56 pm
I just called the Vet again and she said "According to my book, the easiest and best way to get rid of lice is through oral ivermectin" She wouldn't want to do anything that goes on the skin and then have Vern come back because she licked something toxic and ingested it.
I guess I will play the waiting game and see if this works.

Also, I don't understand how people can go to the Vet and buy Advantage off the shelf without taking your pet there for a visit. (My vet doesn't have anything (meds like that) out in the open to look at, so I would have to just walk in and ask for it and buy it.?

02-01-11, 11:23 pm
Advantage is over the counter. You can walk in to most pet stores and buy it.

Lice are a topical parasite so topical anti-parasitics are best. Oral ivermec can get rid of them but they are not as affective, esp. compared to something like Advantage.

02-01-11, 11:26 pm
Can I continue giving them the last 2 doses of Oral Ivermectin AND Advantage? Or is that like over-dosing?? Please help me with this problem. This is my first problem ever with Lice.