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01-27-11, 04:09 pm
Hi :crazy:

I have to tell something important first: I don't have piggies:eek:

But I am a huge animal-lover!

I registered myself, cause I want to learn how to make cuddle cups, etc...

... for my kitties:rolleyes:

English isn't my mother langue, so sorry in advance for written mistakes.
You can tell my when I write an error (I'm always happy te learn)


01-27-11, 05:52 pm
Welcome! I think you might be disappointed if you're set on learning how to sew things for your cats. As a guinea pig forum, our goal is really to educate people about the proper care of guinea pigs - so a sewing post is going to be a rarity. If you're interested, here's a link to a post that might be what you're looking for: