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01-26-11, 09:40 pm
My name is Roxann but everyone calls me Rox. I just recently "adopted" my niece's guinea pig. His name is Reese and she has had him I believe for three years. I'm not sure if his stay with me will be long or short term. But for the time being I want to make his life better and learn all that I can.

I've never owned guinea pigs before. I'm a rabbit person and just recently lost my 9 year old house rabbit. The only thing I did know before she bought Reese was that they were herd animals but my advice wasn't taken and poor Reese has lived alone. If his forever home is with me which I will find out in the next few months I hope to get him a friend.

Here is a photo of Reese and my 9 year old rabbit Toby. They were not housed together. They just enjoyed each others company while they ate. This was all supervised and Toby has since passed away.

http://im1.shutterfly.com/media/47a1df07b3127ccefc615724a70b00000030O00IaN27lm0cMw e3nwo/cC/f%3D0/ps%3D50/r%3D0/rx%3D720/ry%3D480/

http://www.shutterfly.com/lightbox/view.sfly?fid=d0ea90f3abf05dbdf12f12eb75ef82b5#129 6099459765

01-26-11, 11:48 pm
Hello Rox! I've never owned a bunny before but you little guy sure was cute. I'm sorry to hear about his passing! Here is my two cents.
Guinea pigs are sure fun little creatures! Yes they do enjoy to have another to keep them company, so you "herd" right...sorry. My humor can be weird. If you are in this for the long haul then I would advise a friend!
Be sure to make sure Reese is indeed a him. That may sound funny but you'd be surprised how many pigs are mis-sexed! You don't want to adopt another male only to find out Reese is a she and have an accidental litter(that is very hard on pigs!)
Also a C&C cage. (what this site advises) is so much bigger for the little guys. Since they can't really be house trained like bunnies they spend more time in their little home so it is nice to have a larger cage.
Romaine lettuce is great! They need greens every day! Also lots of hay and pellets. They can't make their own Vitamin C so it is important they get this in their diet!
Also this is a great place to find information. All these links, and members are truly here because they love their pigs! I can't really think of anything else...I advise looking at the care guide on this site and just skimming some topics others have posted. I found a wealth of information here! Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but you'll make it just like we all did!
I hope this helps for starters and good luck! He is a cute little guy!

01-27-11, 11:53 am
Thanks PiggyKat!

I was looking at the "sexing" thread and I will double check to make sure he is indeed a boy. Doesn't sound funny at all since rabbits are also miss-sexed. If I do get him a buddy he will come from a rescue.

Right now he resides in a dog crate which is what I also used for my rabbits when I had to rotate free time. I've modified it so it is piggie safe. If he stays with me I will be ordering one of the C&C cages. Even though ordering one will be a bit more pricey I am not very handy! And he gets plenty of floor time in our sun room which is piggie safe (he is in there right now as I type!).

I've printed out the veggie chart and put it on my fridge for easy reference. Timothy hay is always available to him. Right now he is getting Nutriphase pellets. I prefer Oxbow but my dad bought this bag while I was at work. Its a whole lot better than what my niece was feeding him. He only gets an 1/8 of cup a day but once this bag runs out he will be on Cavy Cuisine.

I've already learned so much in the short amount of time that he's been with me.

01-27-11, 02:43 pm
Welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about Toby. He was such a cutie. Reese is pretty cute too. I love the way he was looking at Toby in the pic. Like this is my lettuce so stay there. lol
I'm so glad you've been researching the nutrition section. The veggie chart was my savior when I first got my pair. It sounds like you are off to a great start and have the basics covered. Please feel free to ask questions or share stories. We would love to hear more about Reese and if you decide to keep him his future companion.

01-27-11, 02:48 pm
Welcome! Sorry to hear about Toby, he is soo cute. I hope you find alll the information you need here and have sucess finding Reese a friend! I love the way they are looking at each other in the picture!

02-04-11, 01:23 am
Thank you everyone for your condolences. Toby was such a sweet rabbit there will never be another like her.

So I'm getting kind of anxious about getting Reese a buddy. I've told my sister that I want to keep him and I'm hoping to talk to my niece within the next couple of days.

I just emailed the rescue that I'm interested in adopting from.

On edit: I also made sure that Reese was definitely a "he" and he is! His man bits also got a good cleaning which he did not enjoy but desperately needed. lol

02-04-11, 05:11 am
Hello :D
Toby is a gorgeous bunny, I'm sorry he (she?) passed away.
I hope you get to keep Reese, I'm sure he will be getting a very loving home with you :)

02-04-11, 10:22 am
Thank you!

Toby was a she. She got the name Toby because just like with guinea pigs rabbits are mis-sexed by pet stores all the time. Once I figured out she was a girl I didn't want to changer her name. Her full name was Tobyhanna but we always called her Toby. I really miss her...

So I got a response from the rescue and they are more than willing to help me find Reese a friend if he does stay with me. They said I can bring him to meet the other piggies at the rescue. I filled out an application and I'm really hoping everything works out!

02-06-11, 12:58 am
Update: The rescue reviewed my application and I've been approved to adopt. First step accomplished!

03-01-11, 12:35 pm
Update: I've talked it over with my niece and she has decided to let me keep Reese.

So I'm off to order a C&C cage off this site!

03-01-11, 04:41 pm
If you want an alternative to the C&C, you can use the wire shelving (like from Rubbermaid) that comes in 4 or 8 ft lengths. The home stores will usually cut it for you too for free if needed. I just got 4 4ftx16in shelves for $6 each on sale. That's bigger than I could have done with one box of cubes. I have a 2ftx4ft cage now but am adding on in hopes of increasing the herd someday :)
Good luck with Reese!

03-01-11, 09:52 pm
Thanks RubyRain!

I ordered the 2x6 off of the site plus the extra grids to make a lid since I have cats. I know its more expensive to do it this way but just trying to find the time, all the supplies and finding a vehicle to get the coroplast to my house it is just worth it to me in the long run. I might eventually want to add a loft to the cage and that I will try to do myself (maybe order the coroplast off the site) but that won't be for a while since he has a whole room to run around in for most of the day.

I cannot wait for the cage to get here and set it up. Then I can finally start our guinea pig play dates. I hope finding him a friend will be easy since I already have a few I like, I just hope he likes one of them! lol

03-01-11, 10:21 pm
WELCOME Rox !! :)
I am so sorry about the passing of Toby, so very sorry for your loss ! :weepy:

Wow. It sure sounds like you are off to a really great start ! Good luck with finding Reese a compatible friend !! I ordered my 2x6 C&C cage from this site also, mainly for the reasons you mentioned. Good luck with everything !

By the way, do you know how old Reese is ? He sure is a handsome boy! I love his coloring too, the white triangle going up his nose and forehead, is so adorable !

03-02-11, 01:00 am
Welcome to the joys of owning a piggy. So sorry about Toby. I have a bunny and he is now almost a year old. He looks IDENTICAL to Toby. So I can't help but be teary-eyed over your loss. Willow is fully house trained as was your Toby. He is free roam all the time. I will post a picture of him for you.
You will truly enjoy owning guinea pigs. They are so much fun and so intelligent. Right now I have seven of them (two adult females and five babies). I rescued the females from a bad home and they were all expecting. I sure have had my eyes opened, let me tell you.

Anyways, this is a great place to be to learn and farther educate yourself. I don't know what i would have done without the friendly help of the people on this forum.

03-22-11, 04:03 pm
Thanks guys!

I believe Reese is either 3 or 4 years old.

Reese has been living the life in his new 2x6 C&C cage for the last two weeks or so. I'm meeting up with the rescue as long as the weather cooperates on Sunday. I will be bringing Reese along with me so he can meet the other piggies.

So excited!! :D

03-22-11, 05:22 pm
Keep us posted. Good luck.... I'm excited for you!

03-23-11, 06:47 pm
Can't wait. Hope you get the new guy.

03-27-11, 04:19 pm
He's here! He's here!

His name is Barney but I'm going to call him Barnaby after one of my favorite horses at the barn where I work who got adopted a few years ago. He is about 2 years old and is a sweetie just like my Reese. Although I think Reese is going to be head piggie.

I'm charging the battery to my camera so no videos or pictures just yet of them together. Here is Barnaby's petfinder page I'm not sure how long it will be up there until they update it.

Petfinder Adoptable Guinea Pig | Peruvian | Burlington, NJ | Barney (http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18433945)

03-28-11, 06:57 am
Congrats! Can't wait for more pics :)

03-28-11, 11:54 pm
Oh he looks like such a sweet handsome fellow ! I love his coloring ! Congratulations !