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06-16-02, 04:18 pm
I have two guineapigs who live with a rabbit (he's not very big, very gentle natured, and probably thinks *he's* a guineapig). I would really like to make one of these cages, but I'm just wondering if it would be secure enough for the rabbit. Obviously, it wouldn't be open topped, but beyond that I'm not sure what, if any, modifications I'd need to make? Has anyone else used these cages for rabbits? Any advice would be welcome, thanks. :)

06-16-02, 04:28 pm
If you are building a C&C cage for 2 pigs and one rabbit you should make it two grids high so the rabbit can stand on itz haunches and you should make it ether 2X5 or 2X6 I think? Anywayz itz great taht you have a rabbit who likes guinea pigs so much! lol anywayz hope this is helpful!


06-16-02, 04:55 pm
That's definitely helpful, thanks. A bit of height for him would probably be a sensible idea. :)

He's a great rabbit - I love him to bits. :)

06-19-02, 04:09 pm
I don't know how your rabbit is but my rabbit like to get his groove on and **run** so i had a C&C cage, he flipped in, i had a dog pen, he flipped that!, so now he lives in a dog crate but i don't know if it is going to last!!!! I named him Scooter but maybe he should be named Incredible Hulk or Hercules!!!:P

animal slave
03-15-03, 11:30 am
I know this was a long time ago, but I have just joined this site.

I hope you are not feeding your guinea pig and rabbit the same stuff. Rabbit food doesn't have all the nutrition that a guninea pig needs, and guinea pig food may have too much for a rabbit.

My rabbit and guinea pig used to live together, but she started to get big and I was afraid she might sit on her! Just keep an eye on them!

04-15-03, 02:39 pm
I posted a question in the 'General Chat' discussion on this same topic.

I've recently adopted a guinea pig/rabbit pair. Tightly bonded and the shelter didn't want to seperate them for obvious reasons. Regarding feeding: I decided to feed both Guinea Pig pellets based on feedback from ASPCA, this forum and others. I'ts not ideal. I think I'd like to, over time, bond each with one of their own kind (I have multiple rabbits and guinea pigs at home).

I have the guinea pig and rabbit in a 2x5 CC cage. The rabbit is small..but he's learned very quickly to jump over the grids. I really don't feel they are strong enough to restrain a reasonably active/curious bunny. I solve the problem by removing one of the grids and offering the bunny a step up into an enclosed excercise pen. He loves it...best of both worlds, and the guinea pig is happy in his CC cage. They share food, grooming, sleeping etc.

04-16-03, 01:23 pm
you should be careful about the food you rbbits/guinea pigs are eating, some rabbit food contains a chemical that helps rabbits but can harm/kill guinea pigs, i suggest that when feeding your pets, do what i do and put the rabbits food on a box in the cage so he can access it but your cavy can't has worked so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes: