View Full Version : Fleece Digging Solution

01-24-11, 09:56 pm
My boys are were obsessed with burrowing under the fleece to hang out. The loved the warmth and the security, but I hate how hard it is to clean up their poops when they go under. I finally got enough binder clips and chip clips to keep them out, but I felt bad because they really seemed to miss it. Jet, especially, was always trying to loosen up the fleece and get under.

So I took a smaller piece of fleece, stretched it across the cage floor and clipped the two short sides to the edge of the cage, leaving the long edges exposed.

The boys love it! They've abandoned their pigloo and their hidey, and spend all day hanging out under the fleece. They love the soft, snuggley feel, I love that it's easy to lift up and clean under. Because it lays flat on the floor it doesn't take up any floor space. They can run right over it when they need to. So it's win-win all around :cheerful:

01-24-11, 10:19 pm
This is a great idea! I'm always having troubles with my pigs burrowing under the fleece. How annoying to have to clean up extra pee and poo from under the fleece...but this is a great idea I will have to try! Thank you!

01-24-11, 10:39 pm
Hey there ! I think that is a GREAT idea too ! What do you guys think of cutting some old flannel or fleece into thin strips for added burrowing enjoyment ?! For my Buttercup is a big time lover of burrowing ...Cuddles ( the boss ) not so much...but she loved the cardboard tent tunnel that I made for their floor-time activities..so much so that she rumble-strutted.. all around it to warn Buttercup that this was REALLY hers...it was HILARIOUS !!! But she is a kind gentle boss...she shared "her" new toy with Buttercup almost, ALMOST...right away !!! ( heee...heee.hee ) K