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01-24-11, 02:49 am
Hi all,

I'm quite concerned and annoyed. Our pigs are in my girlfriend's house and we're currently in the process of building a c&c cage and switching to fleece.
Her dad just decided to put plastic netting around their current cage to stop the bedding from flying out. We were rather annoyed about that but decided to tolerate it since the new cage will be done soon and cos we didn't think it would be a huge problem.

Well, her dad called her at work to say that the piggies were eating the netting and to complain that he'll have to spend more money to buy more. *sigh* So we're obviously gonna avoid that and take it all off.

Unfortunately we don't know yet how much they ate but one concern I have is that I don't know what type of plastic it is and what it could do to them.

Now we really regret not taking it off in the first place and to make it all worse, we just sent them to the vet yesterday for a general checkup where they were given a clean bill of health.

So how worried should I be about the plastic being toxic and dangerous to them or something like that?


01-24-11, 07:40 am
Did they actually ingest it? My girls chew on their pigloos and sometimes coroplast, but most of the time they just chew it up and spit it out. Our eldest girl, Freya, has ingested parts of her pigloo before, but has never had a problem with digestion or going to the bathroom.

If they are in fact ingesting it, I would take them back to the vet since you do not know what kind of plastic it is. I'd be worried about blockages if it is a decently thick plastic. The vet can give you better advice and do X-rays if need be.

Please keep a close eye on them. If they began to have troubles going to the bathroom or squeal as if in pain, they need to go to an emergency vet immediately.

01-27-11, 09:42 pm
Hey, thanks a lot. It appears that they did not get to much, particularly because they would have had to reach through the grids to get to it which is slightly difficult.

The plastics really thin, not much thicker than thread. We've been observing them and they seem to be alright with no apparent troubles.

We're due to bring them back to the vet for a follow up so we'll probably get the vet to give them a check with regards to this.