View Full Version : Will chewing the cage harm my piggies?

03-17-03, 04:52 am
Is it safe for piggies to chew & eat plastic from the cage? Will they damage their teeth chewing the wire?

I’ve just built a G&C cage for my two piggies (Zack & Humbug). It’s two levels 6x2 on the ground and 6x1 on the second floor with a grid barrier down the middle. They fight (drawing blood) if together but seem to enjoy each others company so on the second floor I left out the side of their correx trays so they could cuddle up either side of the dividing grid. :D

Zack has already had a good go at this grid (he woke us this morning with his biting):( .

He seems to be trying to bite through rather than eat the plastic, either he wants to get in and mix it with humbug, or more likely he’s after Humbug’s hay! I’ve put a sheet of Correx across for now.

What are other peoples experiences? :mad: If I leave it down will he give up chewing? Will it harm him? :lol: I’d love for them to be able to see each other.

Sorry this was so long!

Mince, Zack & Humbug:)

03-17-03, 05:21 pm
Maybe you can get some more help regarding their behavior at Cavy Spirit or Guinea Lynx, and get them back together in the same cage? I have read that there is a certain amount of fighting and establishing dominance, and that it is worse during the "teen age years". No blood no foul.
Good luck, it sounds like they have a lovely home! Jody
ps, sorry, nothing worthwhile to share regarding the safety of chewing, though it doesn't sound too good.

04-16-03, 05:04 am
I've put plastic file folder spines over the edges of the cloroplast. The multi colored ones that usually come with clear, plastic page or file covers. It's a bit tricky getting them on, but helps prevent chewing the cage itself.

Also, do you have something else for them to chew in the cage e.g. wood or apple branches

04-17-03, 09:16 am
My pig actually got stuck chewing on the bars to his cage. He pushed his nose through the hole, and his teeth went around the bar, and he couldn't pull himself free. He screamed and cried, and I heard him and got him out. He was not really HARMED, but he was surely in pain and he was really scared.

Just a comment to make sure that if you can't make the holes too small for the pig to get his face in, make sure they're big enough that he can get his head back OUT once it's in.

-Dan III