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01-17-11, 10:54 pm
Usually floor time for my piggies is a large area of my room blocked off by a hamster play pen and a bunch of storage containers. I am getting sick of constantly picking up those things! I am in need of some cheap ways to block off around my bed and around any other areas they can get behind or underneath. If I do find something I would like it to be something pemanent so that I can just open up the piggies door and close it when its time for them to go back in. I was thinking about finding some wire shelving units but I can't find any anywhere. Let me mention... I don't have much money to spend so cheap thoughts would be nice =]

01-17-11, 10:56 pm
Do you happen to have any extra grids?

01-17-11, 10:59 pm
Why not just zip tie some cubes together. My other suggestion would be an exercise pen.

01-17-11, 11:07 pm
The grids that I have left over are 5x5 and I wouldnt have enough to double them up and block off everything. what kind of exercise pen?

01-17-11, 11:15 pm
Check your local Freecycle group. There might be something useful on craigslist as well.

01-18-11, 09:15 am
I use a couple of these: Travel & Outdoors: Exercise pen for hamsters, gerbils, mice, or hedgehogs at Drs. Foster & Smith (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=17948&cmpid=08csegb&ref=3312&subref=AA&CAWELAID=525353693) zip tied together to make three walls of a cube. For the fourth wall I use the wall.

If the rabbits aren't out they get full run of the living room though.

01-18-11, 10:22 pm
Those look almost exactly like my hamster play pen except the top of mine has like little rounded hooks on top of it. Do you know how long all the gride would be streched out? I calculated 104 inches but that sounds like a whole lot. I'll probably have my mom order me one of this or possibly two =] Thanks for all your ideas! Linshad02.... how in the world do you use freecycle? I checked out the website or whatever it is and it wouldn't let me look at anything.

01-19-11, 09:44 am
It is fairly easy to use, camerafreak. Go to freecycle.org. There will be a spot near the top for you to type in your city and state. Once you do this, it should take you to a yahoo group that you can join. After you are accepted, they will send out instructions about posting and the like. Make sure that you have a good email address. The emails can start to pile up pretty quickly. Good luck in your search!