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01-15-11, 03:13 pm
Was wondering if any one else has had this problem and if so how did you fix it? Our water bottle on the main level keeps leaking (I think), if we swap it with the one on the upper level in the "kitchen" area it doesn't, but then the one we brought down leaks. All I can think is that as the pigs run around (which they love to do, I had no idea pigs would be so fast) they shake the cage and it causes the bottle to leak. They are only about 3 months old so as they get bigger I think it causes it to shake more causing the bottles to leak more, which is why we are starting to notice it now. I first noticed it the other day when I went to clean out the corner litter box and the fleece under it and behind it were wet. (the bottle hangs next to it and the ramp ends right by it. One of our pigs likes to jump off the last 6" to 12" of the ramp and land right next to the bottle). Lately the bottle has been a lot less full when i go to fill it every few days. Thoughts, suggestion?

Edit - It is a 2x 5 that sits on a stand made of cubes as well.

01-15-11, 03:34 pm
My water bottle doesn't leak, but sometimes my boys like to drink out of the same water bottle at the same time, causing water to spill out. I put a brick under the bottle which absorbs nearly all the drip. I have also seen people put a screw on bowl similar to: http://www.petmountain.com/photos/11442/product/standard/509633.jpg which catches water drips.

01-15-11, 03:42 pm
My girls love to make a mess with their water bottle. I have done bricks but it was not enough for how much they play with the bottle. I put a litter box with bedding or fleece and towels under the bottle and just change it when needed.

01-15-11, 03:49 pm
Thanks for the ideas, I am going to try the brick and also watch to see if it is from them running around.

01-19-11, 01:17 pm
Another idea I saw on a post in this site is to put a bird seed cup under the water bottle to catch the drips then you can just empty it as needed. I won't take the credit for this idea. I saw it posted somewhere here but don't remember where now.