View Full Version : Skin Problems My Guinea Pig has Scab like Crusts, Is this Normal?

Jamie New
01-13-11, 10:21 am
I have just noticed that my guinea pig, Squirt, has two large (compared to him) sized crusts on his body. They are grey and look like scabs. I noticed that white liquid was leaking from one of them. I think he had three but one just looks
like a cut with white liquid on it. He recently had a fight with Maxi, a guinea pig who I took in. Squirt had the cuts but they are now separated.

He seems fine but should I take him to the vets or is it just how they heal?

Please, I need answers.

01-13-11, 10:46 am
I would take to the vet, it could be an infected wound cause their shouldn't be anything leaking from a scab or wound.

01-13-11, 11:04 am
I would take him to the vet, too, ASAP. As Rnd210 said, nothing should be leaking out of any scab or wound, and it sounds as though he may have some kind of infection going on there.

Edited to add: I wouldn't leave it over the weekend, either. Can you take him to the vet tomorrow?

Jamie New
01-13-11, 11:16 am
Ok, I'll see if I can, Thanks.

01-13-11, 12:11 pm
Yes, sounds like abscesses. They most likely need to be flushed out, and he needs antibiotics.