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01-11-11, 05:52 pm
Sorry for all the questions lately, and also wasn't sure if this went under 'Urine' or 'Stones.'

I have 2 pigs under six months, and since I got them have noted that calcium spots seem to be a problem with them. I always see them, though since I realized they weren't supposed to have ONLY alfalfa hay it has gone down, and they don't get Alfalfa anymore either.

Its hard for me to find them all since most of my fleece is brightly colored and has a lot of white anyway, but on the darker fleece I see spots where they hide a lot and I noticed one on the brightly colored fleece. (I'm sure theres more I haven't seen though) One seemed a bit like dried glue, but not 'crusty', just... thick. The others I saw were powdery.

I have 2 other pigs in the cage, but I don't think its them.

They all get 1/4 Oxbow Cavy Cuisine and 1/4 KM Alfalfa pellets (between the four of them, I figure they get split evenly enough) and they get Romaine Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Baby carrots, Green Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Celery, and a big handful of Cilantro(I recently found it cheap at Wal-mart and they LOVE it <3) daily.
Along with KM Timothy hay.

Is there anything I should cut down on, or change to help stop these spots? Is it normal? There are a whole lot (that I have seen) but they aren't going away so I wondered if I was doing anything wrong.

01-11-11, 09:16 pm
Powdery deposits are normal. You have to be concerned if it's gritty.
My older pig had trouble with calcium when I was feeding them romaine. It's high in calcium. It might be one of your older ones. Mines now only get romaine when I can't get anything else.. meaning almost never.
What kind of hay do you have?
I've bought a bale and it was more botanical than timothy so I again found the gritty spots in the cage so I've gone back to bagged timothy until i can find a bale of it.
I was feeding my pigs (even the one under 6 months) with only Cavy Cuisine, but was giving him more parsley when lap time so he has enough calcium.

01-12-11, 01:07 am
I don't think it's related to your problem but I have been told that celery and cucumbers should not be given daily but more like 2-4 times a week. Those happen to be my boys' favorites, so was I do is one day give celery with their veggies, the next I give cucumber and then I don't give either for a day and then repeat the cycle.

Domino & Bedhead
01-12-11, 08:12 am
Parsley is also very very high in calcium and should be given sparingly. I have switched to cilantro and it definitely has helped. :-)