View Full Version : C&C cage mesurements

04-17-03, 07:33 am
Can someone help me with the mesaurements on the "C&C How To" page under MEASURE it has:
41 x 27 2x3 14" grids 42x28
56 x 27 2x4 56x28
71 x 27 2x5 70x28
84 x 27 2x6 84x28

If the grids are 14" then a 2x3 would be 42x28 so since it states to measure from inside the connectors it looks like an inch is taken off. Wouldn't that mean a 2x4 should be 55x27? I don't want to cut my coroplast wrong since it's hard to get.

04-17-03, 10:48 am
If your grids are 14" and you are using the connectors, trust me the cut and score measurements are right. I've done literally hundreds of them.

Put the grids together and measure it yourself before you cut and score. If you want to make minor adjustments based on what you think, go ahead. You CAN get a tighter fit by increasing the size a bit. I would NOT under any circumstances cut or score to a lesser size (55 vs. 56). It fits quite comfortably with the dimensions given.

04-26-03, 09:35 am
Thanks for your help. I just finished making my cage a few minutes ago and your are right, it couldn't be easier. I'm going to have one happy piggie :) I just adopted a male two weeks ago because he needed a new home. I found this web site and it has been very helpful. The coroplast was actually easy to find even in my small town. Target had the green & white box of cubes for $19.99(24 cubes/26 connectors) but they also have a black & white box called "AssemblyLine" 3 cube storage kit for only $9.99 (13 grids & 16 connectors). Thanks again for your help!