View Full Version : Good size for 2 future pigs?

12-20-02, 02:07 pm
I'm getting 2 skinnys next week and i'm building a c&c cage. does this look like enuf space for 2 pigs to romp? i'm a little worried that the ramp would be too steep.

[img noborder]demo.ibtnet.com/venusmach...e.jpg[/img (http://demo.ibtnet.com/venusmachine/pigs/cage.jpg[/img)]

12-20-02, 06:20 pm
The page did not come up when I clicked on the link, can you describe the cage size and set up to us?

12-21-02, 07:04 pm
I just built one, check out my link regarding new C&C condo. About 11 SF in each, 2 males in one, 3 females in another and they LOVE it. Be creative with your ramps. On the male side (left side) i made a landing half way down and turned the lower ramp at 90 degrees to the other one. Kinda neat, plus i had to work with the space i had available. I made my ramps with a piece from an old cage i had here and another ramp by cutting a piece of the cube in half and welding it together then building from there. Made sure I added a railing to it so they wouldn't fall off or be tempted to jump from 14" up in the air.

04-26-03, 12:37 pm
That link should be:

demo.ibtnet.com/venusmach...s/cage.jpg (http://demo.ibtnet.com/venusmachine/pigs/cage.jpg)

04-26-03, 04:54 pm
Way too small. And even if you end up with a 2x2, DON'T break up the already too small bottom space with a grid. It should be a 2x4, or a 2x3 rock bottom minimum.