View Full Version : How exactly do you make C&C cage doors?

04-19-05, 01:05 am
I have an idea that I've drawn out for a 3x4 cage with a smaller "step" level and then upper level (total cage height being around 56" or 4 grids tall) that would suit the size of my new apartment well and hopefully provide enough space for a pair of bunnies. However, I'd need two separate working doors for the purposes of changing bedding, feeding, etc.

I'm curious how you make a working door for a C&C cage, with specific details. I've seen one using cable ties on a rabbit C&C cage in the photo gallery, but I wasn't sure how to go about making it. Wouldn't the cable ties be tight enough to prevent you from opening and closing the door properly? Are there any ways other than cable ties to go about making a functional door?

Thanks in advance. :)

04-19-05, 09:22 am
This is exactly what I want to know!! As when I get mine, they'll have to have doors! As I will have to stack them as I do have a lot of pigglywigs! So if anyone knows, I'd like to know too!

04-20-05, 01:16 pm
When I put my condo together, I only used cable ties (no connectors). I first made the entire condo without putting any doors in, I then decided where I wanted the doors. I cut off the cable ties on three of the sides of one cube, and left cable ties attached to only one side of the cube. The cable ties serve as hinges for the door and I use clothes pins to keep the door shut. I made double doors that swing open on the front of the condo and a single door on the top of the condo.