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02-28-03, 03:35 pm
I have 15 inch grids from K Mart. The connectors are round. They extend 3/4 into the cage so the coroplast won't be flush against the grids. Also, the grids don't fit firmly into the connectors, in some cases, they barely connect. I can reinforce w/ cable ties, but the upper level may not be as easy to do. Should I just get cubes from Target or Costco? Have others had this experience w/ those cubes?

03-01-03, 11:39 pm
I think they are all pretty much the same? You are having the same problem as I had, and I got mine from target. I reienforced some of the cubes by wrapping some wire around them, just to make sure it didn't come apart.

03-02-03, 03:17 am
I had this problem with the connectors and ended up almost only using cable ties, even for my upper levels. They are very strong but it's not to cut the end totally off. That way, should it start to come lose the cage will not just collapse. Just turn these ends away from where the pigs could get them as they can be sharp. I check over my cage once a week for any broken or chewed ties and haven't found any yet. I used just over 200 cables ties for my cage, which was far more than I needed too but it means that a few broken ties won't cause a problem (unless there all on one cube:mad: )
Sometimes I see they have moved so I just slide them back out of the way.
The cage is very strong, as my daughter proved when she climbed on to the second level while I was building the third :)

03-02-03, 09:19 pm
wow, you have three levels? Is there a pic on the web or can you send it to me? I don't think I need to go there, but would enjoy looking at it.

hint for cable ties, my friend suggested burning the sharp edges of the cut ties w/ a lighter. That rounds the edges and takes away the sharpness. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds good.

03-06-03, 06:04 am
I have a pic here

My Cage (http://www.angelfire.com/droid/capecave/mypigs.html)

That's a good tip for the cable ties, I'll be trying that:) thanks

03-06-03, 10:13 am
WOW, that's really neat. It must have taken forever, I had a hard enough time trying to put on a 2x2 upper level on my 2x6! Great Job!

03-07-03, 07:33 am
Thanks :)

It took me most of a day to build.

03-15-03, 09:32 pm
In the FWIW dept, I do think the K Mart cubes aren't as good as the Target cubes. They appear to be the same thing, but I had to buy some from Target and they did snap together more firmly. Still used many cable ties!

2steps, your cage is great! Can you describe how they can get from one level to another? It wasn't obvious to me, I am a little obtuse.

...and finally, I did complete my own CC cage~:D . It is nearly an exact copy of the one posted by csete. I may be adding on to it if/when I have my lone boar neutered. I loved making it. community.webshots.com/al...1445RrUHwk (http://community.webshots.com/album/66181445RrUHwk)

Unfortunately the pics of my piggies didn't make it onto the disc. grrr

Thanks for all the help. Jody

03-16-03, 08:18 am

I used a piece of untreated pine shelving and nailed some pieces of flat dowel to it (being carefull to shink the nail heads completly) Then I screwed to strong hooks to the top and closed the hook up so there's just enough opening for then to hook onto the cube grid. I could post a picture for you, if you like? :)

03-16-03, 10:19 am
I would love to see the pic if you can post it. Your description is pretty clear. Maybe I am just wanting a closer look at how it is situated in the cage? going back to look at your pics again...Jody

03-16-03, 10:22 am
How do they get to the very top level? The left side of the pic is a little dark, maybe another ramp is there? Thanks, Jody

04-30-03, 09:30 pm
The cubes I used were from Target but they are from that new line called Swell. They seem to fit together much better but I still used some cable ties. Not a lot though and it's still super strong.

05-01-03, 12:55 am
Sorry I've been off a while :( I will post a pic of the ladder later today. The third level is where my two boars live so they do not go from the second to third floor. I have five sows who share the ground and second floors and then two boars in the third level.