View Full Version : Genitals "loose" anus, testicles larger?

12-26-10, 11:28 pm
Hello, everyone.
My four year old males anus seems to be very "loose" or just more open than it should be? I recently was concerned because he had some loose stools and now still gets some fairly "regular" odd-shaped stools. His poops have been doing well lately but now his anus seems so "open" (Im trying to come up with the right word to describe it!) Also, it seems like his testicles may be larger? There is no redness or irritation and he has been eating, drinking, and playing like normal. I will be scheduling for another vet visit but she is hard to get in with so it will probably be a couple of days.
I want to know what is going on here! Any help or insight would be wonderful!

12-26-10, 11:40 pm
It sounds like he's impacted. You can read about it at http://www.guinealynx.info/impaction.html

It seems to happen with older males who don't move around as much as they used to. Exercise, companionship, and lots of hay appear to help out.