View Full Version : Cardboard did not work :(

12-26-10, 03:39 am
I have 3 baby girls housed in a 2x5 with 4 boys (different ages) in an adjoining 3x5. I have the cages baby proofed with cardboard. Well, my 1 baby girl who is exactly 2 months old on X-mas apparently chewed through the cardboard & squeezed through the grids as I found her in the boys cage! She was with them for at least a good 8 hrs, probably more. When I found her, I found one of the boys humping her. I immediatly took her out & put her back with the girls & doubled up grids on the side where the girls & boys cages are together.

Here is my concern, now I am thinking it would be a miracle for her not to be pregnant considering she was in a cage with 4 boars! 2 of the boars are her brothers! Also, she is only 2 months old! So if she is pregnant, I am worried about her very young age.

Any advice? At what point would a vet be able to determine whether she is pregnant or not? Can guinea pigs only get pregnant at certain times (like humans) or are they always fertile? Thanks for any help, advice!

12-28-10, 10:18 am
anyone? Oh & I doubled up on the grids & again found her in the boys cage!!! I have no clue how she got through! So now she is completely seperated until she grows bigger.

12-28-10, 12:38 pm
Do they have a top? I've heard some pigs can jump pretty high. There was a video of one that could jump REALLY high (like on to the couch!). Is there any way that she is jumping into the males?

Don't know about the pregnancy thing. I'd think that one idea would be to have her spayed but I don't know which risk would be worse. (I know sometimes they will do it to a cat or dag to stop a very early unwanted pregnancy.)