View Full Version : um cna i subsitute coroplast with............

05-02-03, 03:01 pm
i cant find any stores that is near me with coroplast. i was wondering if i can just mkae a grid bottom then cover the bottom with some small upside down rugs. is that okaY?

05-03-03, 05:44 am
Is any one going to answer me or no one knows?

05-03-03, 08:56 am
Hey there,
You can probably use anything you want just so long as you can; keep it clean, protect their feet from pain and injury, and afford it.
The rugs would have to be washed every day, so you would need a few of them so they have something while cycling through the laundry.
There are alternatives to coroplast, check out using formica, or melamine, which is what i did. there are instructions at cavy.secutores.com.
If you are planning on putting chips on top of the rug, it wont have a barrier wall around the perimeter, so the floor under the cage will always be a mess.
Hope this helps,

05-03-03, 09:30 am
Thanks alot. I was also wondering if I could not use bedding and just put some news papers due to the fact that I live in NYC where the bedding costs alot and I would need alot since the size of my planned cage will be 10.5 sq. ft.

05-05-03, 06:47 pm
cavycages.com has recommendations on bedding. Some people appear to use shredded newspaper, but i think it would require buying a crosscut shredder, because strips would be too hard to spot clean. Hard to scoop some pee out of the corner when the strips are 20 inches long.