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12-20-10, 12:37 pm
I was able to rescue to pigs, both males, both look very healthy, i have only had them home for about an hour and i already love there company. any tips for a newbie.

12-20-10, 12:43 pm
Tons of information in the Newbies read first thread! I joined a couple days ago and have been reading like crazy! Lots of great information that has helped me out already.

12-20-10, 12:47 pm
If you don't already have a C&C cage, you should look into making one. Enjoy your piggies they are very loving and they will kinda do this cute argueing thing when they want veggies and it's not veggie time. How old are they? Check out the Nutrition area for what veggies to feed and read as much as you can and learn from this site. Welcome to the forum.

12-20-10, 01:01 pm
they are still under a year old, it is really cute, i will put 2 carrots in the cage, one for each and they just tend to fight over one carrot until it is gone, then they go after the other one.

12-20-10, 04:34 pm
Welcome! Be sure to read the stickies at the beginning of each section. There is a ton of info there (especially the nutrition section). If you have questions ask away!Do you have pics of your pigs? We LOVE pics. hint hint :)