View Full Version : Cleaning Waterproof Pads

12-19-10, 06:05 pm
I have been looking around for some waterproof pads that I can wash like the fleece. But I am not sure what kind I need. I was thinking about getting the ones like what a hospital would use. But what is the best to get for a cheap price?

12-19-10, 06:17 pm
Most people either use mattress pads, uhaul blankets, or towels. In most circumstances you don't need a waterproof one.

12-19-10, 06:29 pm
I thought that mattress pads where waterproof.

12-19-10, 07:08 pm
I found a link to a place I can buy the u haul blankets but what is best the quilted pads or the furniture pads?

12-19-10, 08:07 pm
I make and sell waterproof pads for C&C cages.  I use fleece on both sides with the waterproof padding in the middle.  That way you can use either side and still be styling!  They are made to fit the cages sizes exactly.  I'm will be listing them on ebay within the next day or so if anyone is interested.

12-19-10, 08:38 pm
You need the furniture pads, NOT quilted.  They work waaaayyyy better than towels!

12-19-10, 08:55 pm
I've used crib pads located in the baby section. Although, I like the bed pads I use under the fleece better. They are located where the Depends and urinary incontience products are. They are just like puppy pee pads but bigger and cheaper. If you have a Dollar General near you they are like $5 for an 18 count bag.

12-20-10, 08:01 am
The furniture pads will protect the carpet under the cage even though it is not water proof?

12-20-10, 11:43 am
The furniture pads will protect the carpet under the cage even though it is not water proof? To protect the carpet you should put a shower curtain liner, plastic table cloth or a tarp under your fleece pad if you don't have the corotray for the bottom of your cage.

12-20-10, 11:59 am
We don't have any coro on the bottom of our cage because I am always changing the cage and here they want 17.50 a sheet. So I have been looking for alternatives. So I think it will be good once I get a tarp and a few u haul blankets.