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12-19-10, 12:53 am
Hello! My name is Amy. I owned 2 guinea pigs about 5 years ago that passed away at the same time and I never really felt "ready" to get new ones. But today me and my boyfriend were shopping and ran into a breeder selling one of her litters. I completely fell in love with this one little guy and just had to get him. On the car ride home the only thing I could think about was "heere we go again."  So yeah thats my new little guy Roscoe. I have a few questions though since I have only purchased from pet stores in the past and they were a bit older than this I think his temperment is one huge benefit of buying from an individual breeder. Hes so calm and hardly runs from me. He's the sweetest little guy that will lay right on me and let me pet him with no problems...I should stop bragging now.   Heres my two questions though and I'd really appreciate any help at all.*He has a black scab on his tummy that I THINK is from his umbilical cord? im not sure.. here's a picture.  **Also He has another spot to the left that kinda looks like a nipple maybe? But theres only one, thats just what it looks like to me. Sorry, I'm posting pictures with HORRIBLE quality! They're taken from my cellphone! If need-be I can try to get ahold of a better camera, but that will have to wait until tomorrow!So anyways, absolutely any help would be appreciated. Just let me know what ya'll think! Thank you sooo much!!

12-19-10, 12:55 am
My pictures didn't show up /:

12-19-10, 01:11 am
Buying from pet stores and breeders are both really bad choices. If he is so calm, I'd be worried he is sick. Breeder and pet store pigs usually are.

How much does he weigh? If he still has his cord stump he is likely underage and should still be with mom. Pet stores and breeders often sell unweaned babies since they do not care.

It is actually best to adopt from a rescue or shelter. Rescue pigs are the best.