View Full Version : Introducing Spike, Bob, Hector, George, Gerry and me, Kate.

12-18-10, 05:27 pm
Hello I'm Kate and I have five boars, Bob (2) and Spike (3) who live together and three singles, Hector (2), George (2) and Gerry (2). Hector, George and Gerry are all being neutered at the beginning of January so will be looking for lady friends sometime after Valentines Day so our piggy family is set to grow very quickly! I've been browsing everyone's pictures of their fantastic C&C cages for a little while and have recently changed to a massive C&C set up.  I'm looking for ideas to make mine even better and to adapt it to make more room for all the girls. I look forward to meeting everyone.

12-18-10, 05:55 pm
Welcome! Wow you have a large family and it sounds like it will be getting bigger soon enough. I would peruse the photo section for inspiration. If you know if you want open or closed cages, stacked, or multi-levels, and the size we can always give you some suggestions.BTW do you have pics of your current brood? We would love to see.

12-18-10, 06:07 pm
Thank you I think I could do with some help, I'm going to be dreaming about cubes and connectors! What's the best way to upload photos?

12-18-10, 06:28 pm
At the very top there is an "upload photo" button. I would put them in the album and then either link to them or add them from there.