View Full Version : Lump Enlarged Lymphnodes or abscess?

12-18-10, 02:35 pm
I found a lump under Ponyo's neck about where an adam's apple would be. The lump is hard and actually feels much like a man's adam's apple but maybe a bit harder. She is still eating a lot, drinking plenty and is active. Ponyo will be going to the vet on Monday but I'm just worried about a few things.What should I be expecting when she goes to the vet? When is to young or small to go under anesthesia? And does an abscess feel different from an enlarged lymphnode?

12-18-10, 03:08 pm
Unfortunately there could be lots of possibilities. Without a biopsy you won't know.

12-27-10, 11:15 am
What did you find out at the vet about this lump?

01-03-11, 09:21 pm
What did you find out?
I'm currently dealing with a possible cervical lymphadenitis. Wish I would have thought sooner today at work and sent a culture off to the lab......kicking myself right now!!! Next time, a culture will be sent off!
My pig boy is 9 wks old and did great. I masked him down with isoflurane gas.

01-18-11, 05:53 pm
My little boy has the same... and i just discover it yesterday night, i really want to know how what happened to your cavy. Mine acts normal, he jumps, eats a lot, purr... like it nothing...

Good luck