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12-09-10, 04:44 pm
I am making two of my guineapigs a new cage and i wanted to kno what are somethings that i can make them. I can sew by hand. Instructions would be helpful. Thank you in advance:)

12-16-10, 09:19 pm
I've sewed many cozies for my three piggies! You'll need some fleece (the more colourful the better :p), and some sewing skills (I actually used a machine) but I think there are already a few forum discussions re: the specifics of making a cozy.

My pigs also have a few store-bought plastic pigloos, but their favourites by far are the cozies!

12-16-10, 09:23 pm
I recently did a lot of improving to my girls' pen. I spent nearly an entire day browsing through the cage pictures gallery here. There's soooo many things that people have done, and you'll definitely find that you can make a lot of the stuff (toys, houses, etc.) out of re-purposing things; you don't even have to sew.