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12-07-10, 01:57 pm
Hi there,

I stumbled onto this site about a year ago, and thought the cage ideas were just too neat! At the time I didn't own any piggies but in a years time I did. Sadly I lived in a studio apartment and did not have the room for a c&c cage. Well my lease is finally up, and now I live in a one bedroom!! I happen to have two closets, one of which is a little walk in right across from a window. ( no room for a big cage anywhere else)

Thinking I could make a huge cage to fit into the little walk in closet space, my plan was suddenly crashed. The 2 X 6 cage I was going to make is not going to work. I can only fit a 2x3 cage, and with 5 piggies this is not enough space. I need suggestions!

Now sorry if I sound all over the place, but as I mentioned I do have two closets. I thought the one closet would be perfect because the doors fold out and they could have some natural lighting, but because of the space situation I am now not so sure. My other closet is the length of my room (about 13 feet) but these doors slide so piggies wont get natural light (i'm not sure if this matters if I provide lighting for them) What do you think I should do? If I use the huge closet they get length but no sun, but if I do walk in closet they dont get a big enough cage.

I also am separating the boys and girls so I would be making a two story cage with dividers.

I also cannot find coroplast anywhere so I went to Home Depot for look for some vinyl.. but could only find a little square foot.. Is this what you do? hook the sqare feet together to make the flooring?

Let me know and thanks for your help (i'm sure I'll have alot more questions later on!!)

12-07-10, 02:08 pm
Welcome to the site!

Quick question first: are your male and female pigs currently separated? If not, you need to do so now - today. Use whatever you have (storage bins, pet store cages, cardboard boxes, anything.)

Now to a couple of your questions:

I don't think it's advisable to keep any animal in a space that doesn't get natural light, so unless you can take the doors off (which isn't hard to do, by the way), this closet is not a good location for your cages.

Personally, I would take the doors off whatever closet you choose to use - your pigs will not appreciate being shut away from the rest of the activity, and I'd be concerned about ventilation.

Coroplast can be hard to find, but if you post your location or nearest town, I'm sure we can help you source some! I've personally never used vinyl, but I know others have - they should be able to help you incorporate it into your design.

We have lots of great cage designs - and designers - on here, so you've come to the right place! Looking forward to hearing more about your pigs!

12-07-10, 02:23 pm
Well funny story my female just had babies, so yes the male is now separated from the babies and mom. The babies wont be separated from mom for another 2 weeks, but I do have 2 boys and 2 girls. (Would they be okay placed with dad? I've heard mixed suggestions.) I unfortunately have dad in isolation in an aquarium because of a mange scare. (vet check is tomorrow) so they wouldnt be placed with him anytime soon.

12-07-10, 02:51 pm
Yes, I believe the 3 males can live together as soon as the male babies reach 3 weeks of age, which is when they should be separated from mom and the female babies (as they will be able to impregnate them).

How old are the babies? If they are already 3 weeks old, please separate the baby males and place them in their own cage until their dad has been given a clean bill of health.

12-07-10, 02:55 pm
They are only a week and a half old, I still have a little time before they need to be separated :)

12-07-10, 03:26 pm
I'm not sure about most of the caging situation. My only thoughts would be to move something from your room into the closet instead of the pigs and use that floor space for a cage. =]

About the coroplast...I got mine for free because they were old signs. Try the gas stations in your area that have large coroplast signs outside their store displaying a sale on Pepsi or cigarettes. Chub's cage is full of colorful coroplast advertising Tahoe, Skoal, Copenhagen and Pepsi. ;) Try grocery stores too. Ask about their scrap signs to see if they have any in the back. My dad says most places probably have a lot they haven't thrown out.
Good luck and be sure to post pictures of what you come up with! =]