View Full Version : Conditions Young guinea pig going gray

12-02-10, 09:52 pm
Josie is about 8 months old. The front portion of her body is black. We've had her for about 3 months. When we got her, her black hair was pitch black. Now she is growing many gray hairs in her black hair. Not just a few, but MANY. Are guinea pigs supposed to go gray? Especially one so young? She appears 100% healthy, very active, happy, she eats, poops and pee's completely normal, but could the graying of her hair be indicative of a medical issue, or maybe even a dietary issue? Thanks.

12-02-10, 10:37 pm
That is so funny! My hubby and I were just playing with our previously pitch black piggy 10 min ago and we were contemplating if he was going gray. His hair has really lightened around the mouth and in his rosettes (he's a Abby). He is only 5 months old. I'm assuming it's normal.

12-03-10, 12:38 am
When I got Doby he was pitch black with only a brown/orange nose.. after a while I noticed that color on his back too, doing a little like a belt and in few other spots. I've wondered too.. but now that I read your post I came to think it's normal.

12-03-10, 11:28 am
I doubt this is totally the case with guinea pigs, but with horses most "grey" horses, which appear white, are born black. They dapple and lighten as they age. Their skin is dark but their hair grows in white. One of my guinea pigs who is agouti is starting to get some roaning on her hind end. I don't think it is "going grey" like people do but it is not uncommon.

12-03-10, 12:45 pm
Morgan was also completely black and after a couple of months he started turning grey, but his head and neck remained black. I guess it's normal. My hair also turned lighter than it was when I was a kid.

12-04-10, 10:59 am
I'm sure it's normal. Hair pigments can change as they shed and grow in new hair. I have a ferret that as a baby had black tips with a whitesh undercoat (looked very dark). Looking at her today and her pics you would not know it's the same ferret. She is mostly whitesh now, except for once spot. I used to wash that spot over and over thinking she got into something and it was on her skin. I finally figured out that it was her hair color. Now it's at the tips of her hair and I noticed the spot is getting smaller again because of shedding.
My dog has a similar thing. She's a black lab mix. She was jet black on almost all of her body when we got her (except her paws, small spot on the chest and her chin were white). This year we noticed her sides were turning more a reddish brown but going down her back is still jet black.