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11-13-02, 12:03 pm
We have been deciding on getting guineas - making sure we are ready to take care of them and all of that. We went to the petstore yesterday to see what they have. I was really discouraged to see the cage they recommended was $70, and did not seem very big. The salesperson reassured me it would be fine for 2, and it was about 1.5' x 2' (guesstimating here). I went online to see if I what else was available, and I stumbled on your site. WOW - talk about informative! I am so thankful that we were going to wait for a sale, lol! I was expecting to spend well over $200 for 2 guinea pigs and supplies. Now I know it should cost us much less, and our animals will be much happier. And it will be easier to personalize and have fun with. I also found a site that offers animals for adoption that need homes. That seems much better than buying from a petstore. They are about half the price as well, but even if they were more, I think we would still go with that option.

Thanks so much for a well put together site and all the information. I have been reading for about 2 hours now, and there is still more to learn. Thanks so much!

06-02-03, 09:02 am
look on Petfinder.com there are over 500 for adoption nationwide. Good luck!!! They are such sweet animals. My family just love ours. :rolleyes:

06-03-03, 12:43 am
Good on you for finding out about this stuff before getting your pets.
Sites like Cavy Spirit and Guinea Lynx have tons of useful information for new and prospective pig owners.

I'd also warn against buying your piggies from a pet store - if you look at this & other forums you'll come accross lots of stories of sick piggies bought from stores and miss-sexed piggies & subsequent unexpected pregnancies, buying from a reputable rescue is the best option.