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Slap Maxwell
04-14-05, 09:17 pm
A very reputable rescue, The Critter Connection (http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CT208.html), has many pigs for adoption. I have personally adopted from this rescue. The pigs are happy and healthy and are looking for great homes. Contact me or member Critter Connect if interested.

Some of the pigs availible:





Slap Maxwell
04-16-05, 06:02 pm

04-20-05, 10:24 am
That's where I got one of my females. She is healthy and happy.
It's a long drive from NY, but it was worth it.

PiggieCam (http://unclebum.com/PiggieCam/videopos.jpg)

Slap Maxwell
04-20-05, 10:29 am
Yeah, Cindy is really nice.

Slap Maxwell
04-24-05, 12:48 pm
Lots of pigs still availible.

04-24-05, 02:48 pm
I wish we had a rescue like that in Toronto. All I could find is the Humane Society. There was a rescue in Hamilton, but they closed :(

04-24-05, 05:04 pm
I wish I lived in Conneticut, that one in the thrid picture down on the left looks like a cat I used to have! What a beautiful creature!