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11-27-10, 05:43 pm
Hi guys!

I've been checking out this website for a while and getting awesome advice from many of you, so I finally decided to introduce myself and my piggies.

My name is Ana and my husband and I own two adorable pigs named Edward and Joe. I had been wanting pigs for many years, but always opted not to because when I was still at my parents' we always had dogs, and I thought it would be too stressful for these poor guys to have dogs around all day. Finally in our own apartment my husband and I decided to have pets. Luckily for us our sister in law was giving away her year old male guinea pig because she wanted another dog. We immediately accepted and got him. We figured that he needed a friend, so we went to a pet store (I know, I know) and bought a little guy whom we named Zakk.

We had them both in separate cages because they weren't too comfortable with us yet. They could hear/see/smell each other, so we thought it would be okay as a temporary solution. We had taken both to the vet and they had told us that they were both healthy piggies so we planned to introduce them soon. Long story short, less than a month after getting Zakk he died of scurvy. We spent a whole week at the vet, and she even decided to take him home his last night in order to syringe feed him and all that. Well, that didn't work, so my husband and I decided to do this right this time and that same day we went to a rescue and got a 2 year old male whom we named Joe. He is very healthy and huge (a little over 3 pounds)!!

We've had both of them for about a month. We got a 2x8 C&C cage and we donated our other cages to the Humane Society. We had them with a divider for a month and we were finally able to put them together this week. We still get the occasional argument here and there, but they can perfectly coexist. Success!!!

As for the pet store where we got Zakk from, it was Pet Supermarket. Knowing what I know now I dropped by and asked a salesperson if what they had in the rabbit cages was rabbit food and she said: "yeah, why?". My next question was: "and you have guinea pigs in there also?". She confirmed it and I told her: "that's all I needed to know". I called the corporate office and filed an official complaint as well as letting them know that they had absolutely lost a customer and all that. I was told they were going to contact the general manager and do something about it, but I wouldn't know because I have never stepped foot in there since.

Sorry to bore you guys with this long story, I just wanted to let other newbies know what sometimes can happen when we don't really read/educate ourselves on how delicate these little guys are.



PS: You should be able to see my piggies; Eddie is the brown one and Joey is the white one.

11-27-10, 06:07 pm
Welcome to the site and congrats on doing the right thing in the end. We all should do like you and file complaints. Maybe it would educate some who cares in these stores. But anyway, I dont go anymore. You have very cute piggies! Effie looks like a funny troublemaker and your Joe just like the "bossy, serious" one hahaha
Did you do intro yet? If so, how did it go?

11-27-10, 07:16 pm
Hahaha, you nailed it! Eddie is clearly the playful one, while Joe is definitely the Alpha out of the two.
I did introduce them to each other. It wasn't as bad since I'd had them in the same cage with a divider for about a month. I put them in a playpen and it took about two hours until both of them just ended up laying down and sleeping. That's when I moved them to the cage (which I had just cleaned up and "neutralized"). There was some chasing around and some cornering from Joe (he tried to corner Eddie whenever he could). Eventually they just got tired and let it go. Now Joe is eating some pellets in one of the kitchens and Eddie is playing with the hay roll ball. I'm extremely happy it worked out well.

Thanks for your post!!! :)

11-27-10, 07:32 pm
They are cuties! I'm sorry about Zakk. I'm sure it was heartbreaking. At least he didn't die in the store and he knew love before his passing. Hopefully the store will do right by the animals but I wouldn't hold my breath. I was once kicked out of a Petco because the sales woman was giving incorrect info on some lizzards. I kept correcting her. They lost the sale and the manager asked me to leave. It was a big joke among my friends for a long time because only I could get myself kicked out of a petstore. I filed a complaint too but because I never went back I don't know if anything was ever done. That was 8 or so years ago.

I'm really glad to hear your 2 boys are getting along well together. Hopefully after time they may even become best buds. :)

11-27-10, 10:56 pm
Welcome! Your guys are adorable!!! I'm new here too and have made the petstore mistake. It's great that there are sites like these where people can be made aware of the issues. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can adopt a rescue piggie :)

Oh, and I have the same fleece inside my C&C cage :)

11-29-10, 02:00 pm
Welcome and love your boys!!