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11-27-10, 05:37 pm
My husband and I were just married this year, and I convinced him to have some guinea pigs as pets. We both have just fallen in love with our guinea pigs and they have become part of our family. Chevy (The one in my profile pic), became ill over night.

I went to feed them in the morning like I usually do, and found chevy with labored breathing. I started to panic, especially since my husband was away at work for the day. I have grown up with Guinea Pigs, and NEVER have had one that became ill like this so fast.

I knew immediatley, that I needed to take him to a vet. I have tons of books on guinea pigs, and have done my fair amount of research on them. It sounded like Chevy had a URI. I began to panic, and called around the clinic's here in Idaho that were the closest, and only one said that they "Might" be able to help him.

I called my husband, and he said that it would okay to take him in. The exam was $40, and the antibiotic they gave was $20. (we were worried we wouldn't have enough money to take him in being college students and all). The doc took such good care of Chevy during the examination. He gave me " Cefadroxil" for Chevy to take, twice a day for 7-10 days.

Well, It is the second day of the antibiotic, and he is still sick. His eyes began to crust over last night. Mainly just one of them. I seperated him from the others and put together a box full of bedding, a mini pillow, food, and hay. Also, we plugged in a heating pad, and its under one side of the box. I have been feeding him from hand, and using a medical dropper to give him drops of water in his mouth.

I am not sure what to do. He still moves around just fine, except when we hold him all he wants to do is cuddle with us. its just his labored breathing and his crusty eyes. One of them looks like its slightly closing now. Also, his poop has some clear film around it. He is drinking from the water bottle we put there, and is eating lettuce and hay but not really his pellets...

Thanks again. Advice is greatly needed.

11-27-10, 06:14 pm
When on antibiotics pigs needs to get some probiotics.
You might want to check http://www.guinealynx.info/antibiotics.html
and http://www.guinealynx.info/probiotics.html
I couldnt find the antibiotic your vet gave you. Maybe see if he can prescribe one on the safe list?
see also http://www.guinealynx.info/uri.html
This site is very useful for sick pigs.
Hope your little guy will go through it.

11-27-10, 06:18 pm
I noticed the med is on the "Unsafe List".....

There is no other vet around here in Eastern Idaho that deals with GP's. What do you think I should do?

11-27-10, 07:42 pm
I noticed the med is on the "Unsafe List".....

There is no other vet around here in Eastern Idaho that deals with GP's. What do you think I should do?
Maybe if you tell the vet it's on an unsafe list and give her a list of the safe meds she will change it for you. Most vets will do that if they are uneducated on a certain animal.

Saying prayers your guy gets better and makes a full recovery. *hugs*

11-27-10, 07:44 pm
Doxyiciline(sp), baytril are two antibiotics that are good. Shoot, I just realized how late it was by you. There probably arn't any emergency vets by you that see pigs.

11-27-10, 08:20 pm
Yeah, its almost 8pm here. My husband doesn't get paid again until Friday. The vet we saw yesterday was only open until noon today, and doesn't open again until Monday. If chevy can make it until monday, I can call the doc and see what he can do. This is just so nerve racking. I dont know how Chevy got a URI. Our C &C cage is constantly kept clean. we wash there food bowls and bottles. How do you prevent URI's from happening?

11-27-10, 08:54 pm
Chevy absolutely CANNOT wait until Monday to see a vet. You have to find an emergency vet and get him in tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. Talk to them about your situation and see what you can work out on a payment. Do NOT continue giving him the antibiotic you currently have and when you do get a safe antibiotic (baytril, bactrim, chloramphenicol are safe), make sure you get a probiotic to give 45 minutes - an hour before giving the antibiotic, too. If your vet doesn't provide it, you can buy acidophilus at a grocery store or health store.

11-27-10, 08:56 pm
Some piggies are just predisposed to problems. I had a boar that was would come down with respiratory issues at the drop of a hat and yet his cage mate never got sick. All you can do is keep an eagle eye on them. I went to fleece, shook my hay and pellets to cut down on the dust/irritant factor and draped the cage to avoid drafts. I'm sure that it all helped some, but my boy still got sick frequently. All you can do is be as careful as possible and hope for the best. I hope that your little guy is going to be ok.

11-28-10, 11:18 am
Chevy passed away last night. This is just sad.

11-28-10, 02:29 pm
I'm very sorry to hear Chevy passed. Hugs to you.

11-28-10, 02:30 pm
I'm very sorry to hear about Chevy.

If you have other pigs, and you don't already have one, please invest in a scale and get in the habit of weighing them weekly, because weight loss is often the first (and sometimes the only) symptom that a pig will show of illness. They are prey animals, and so it is their instinct to hide signs of their illness until it is often, unfortunately, too late.

Also, if you are considering acquiring a new pig, please remember to quarantine (http://www.guinealynx.info/quarantine.html), and please adopt.

Another thing you should consider is locating a vet that is cavy savvy before you need one and set aside a small vet fund for emergencies.

Again, I'm sorry you lost your little pig.

11-28-10, 02:44 pm
I'm so sorry about Chevy. You did what you could. *hugs*