View Full Version : Parasites Can fleas transfer to guinea pigs?

11-15-10, 02:52 pm
I discovered my cat has fleas :( Poor baby, well I am worried that his fleas can get on the girls. Can they even get fleas? I've only heard mites. They aren't scratching more than usual, but then again neither was my cat... I check them and saw nothing but they were twitching the entire time since I was messing with their fur.

Should I keep them off the floor for a few days? I just treated my cat with Frontline so he should be good in a couple days.

11-15-10, 03:24 pm
They can get fleas.

11-15-10, 03:59 pm
I would get them checked out by a vet right away. My cousin's guinea pigs got fleas last year which led to an skin infection. Sadly, Ricky, my cousin's favorite piggie, passed away because of it. I know check my girls every day and use a flea comb often. I would hate to see your pigs get the same thing because it was left untreated but they may not get them. Hope all goes well though.

11-15-10, 04:29 pm
Yes, they can get fleas so we think you should take them to the vet to check about your doubts about fleas...:( We think that you should wait more or less 3 days to put your pigs on the floor ( floor time), ( this is the time that Frontline start to make effects) .

All the best!

11-16-10, 01:10 pm
I dont think they have fleas. My cat only had two live ones on him, I combed him for over 2 hours almost and only found two and very small amount of flea dust. They aren't scratching I took a comb through them as well, found nothing at all.

I do not have a cavy savvy vet around here that only does small pets so the only vet is one that does deal with small animals like gpigs I can only take them next week though and I have to get my mom to take them and thats the hard part... She works ALOT

I will try to take them as soon as I can though. Just veerrry money tight these days. They need a check up anyhow.

Thanks everyone

11-16-10, 01:19 pm
They can get fleas though it is not as common as mites or lice.

Please do not use the frontline on your guinea pig just fyi. It has killed rabbits and is not safe.

11-20-10, 11:53 pm
There's no need to take them to the vet for fleas--I'd save your money for something a bit more serious. You can treat for fleas yourself using kitten Advantage. Check the dosage information at www.guinealynx.info .

Wait until you see any fleas, though. Keep them off the carpet for a few days.