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04-17-03, 09:14 am
I have 9 piggies, seperated into 3-4 cages. 5 females are together in one cage, 2 males in another (i can't believe they get along!) and 2 males in the 3rd cage, with a divider along the middle separating them.

Any way, as you can imagine, bedding costs a fortune! Somebody suggested somewhere that towels make a better bedding. Any thoughts on this? Obviosly, they'd have to be washed like every day (or every 2 days maybe) but will towels be okay? Will it hurt the pigs if they chew through them?

-Dan III

06-02-03, 06:38 pm
I just bought woodypet at a tractor store! I bought 30 pounds for $4.99. When they urinate on it the bedding expands and looks like wood shavings. I heard about it on another cavy group. Go to www.woodypet.com and see where they sell it in your area. Good luck! I just put it in my cage tonight.


06-03-03, 09:07 am
I use hay and newspaper mainly for bedding but also give my pigs towels and have not had a problem with them.

Christina Joy
06-14-03, 08:09 pm
I use Aspen wood shavings. They work really well. I had been paying a hgher price for them and recently found it at Higby's for 3x the amount, and nearly the same price. She is in a small cage right now, but I'm going to invest in the supplies to make a C&C cage. She'll love it. I'm also going to buy her a play mate, but I'm not sure she'll get along so I'll probably divide it.

What do you all think?

06-15-03, 04:59 am
I tried the towels in one of my cages for about two weeks. My husband HATED the way it looked and I wasn't that thrilled with it myself. The poop stuck to it as well did the hay, when I shook it out and I had to pick it off the towels, before they could go in the washing machine. This was changing the towel bedding every other day.
In this cage was only one piggy that was in quarantine (spelling?) I had picked him up from animal control.
I will say that he did not chew the towels though. From what I've read on this and other forums not all chew the towels. I do agree with you, the bedding is very expensive. I have 2- 2x4 c&c cages and 2 small quarantine/travel cages and it take a LOT of bedding and a LOT of $$.
Anyway good luck, with whatever you decide.

MoMmA CaVy3160
06-20-03, 11:49 am
what i use and works really well at controlling odors,
i lay a layer of newspaper on top of the coroplast then i use a teaspoon of a powderd litter deodorizer (they're usually found in pet supply stores or pet shops in either small white jars with a red top or large jars) in each of the corners and around where they usually lounge around (baking soda works too, but just a teaspoon) and then i put a layer of aspen on top the newspaper, then alittle bit of carefresh on top for a comfy lounging area. then with the usual spot cleaning everyday, it makes the bedding last alittle longer than usual :D .