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11-05-10, 09:54 pm
I've been admiring the forum from afar for quite awhile now and finally decided to take the plunge and join! I will be adopting two pigs in about a month from a rescue in AZ. I've always been an animal lover and had pigs as a child/teen. I've had cats, dogs, a tortoise, and hamsters as an adult, but sadly this is the first time in my life that I can remember that I've been pet-less. Needless to say I am chomping at the bit excited about adopting these piggies!

I'm married with two girls, and our pigs will be our first 'family' pets. I'm excited for our kids to learn to take care of and bond with the pigs, but I completely own the ultimate responsibility for our piggies' care.

I plan to build a C&C cage and use fleece. Honestly, the content here is kind of overwhelming. There are so many awesome tips, ideas, photos, and concepts that I'm afraid of missing any of it. I'll be asking lots of questions and posting pics of my pigs as soon as they arrive!

Cavy Castle
11-05-10, 10:02 pm
Welcome to the site! Glad you joined! There is lots of info and it can be overwhelming of where to look first! Your piggies will be lucky to have you as such a great owner. Everyone here is so helpful. I have learned so much. We love to see pictures when you get them.:D

Domino & Bedhead
11-06-10, 05:14 am
Welcome and you found a great place to get some great ideas....

11-06-10, 07:14 am
Welcome! Having a piggy as pets are certainly the way to go! They make amazing family pets; everyone will love them!
I'm glad to hear that although the kids may take some responsibility for caring for the piggies, and helping out, that you understand it's your full responsibility. Unfortunately some parents buy their young child a pet, thinking they will care for them (when we all know they probably won't) and then the young piggy is left to have to go some place else. It sickens me what some parents do! Do they have no heart for these cute creatures?
Your a great example of parent willing to take full responsibility and not letting the piggies down. Thank you :-)
Ask all the questions you have, we're all here to help.

11-06-10, 07:34 am
Welcome! I know the waiting can drive you nuts so make sure to talk about them and share your excitement with us.
Pictures would be great too!
There are tons of tips on making a C&C cage so make sure to read them, it will make building it a whole lot easier.
Have fun on the forum :)

11-06-10, 10:16 am
And I agree there are so much ideas around!
You will have very happy piggies, congrats on adopting!

11-06-10, 10:56 am
Welcome to GPC! You are so right, there ARE like a billion ideas and tips and information! It's a lot to consume! But it is all great information and very useful. your piggies will be very happy!

11-06-10, 02:57 pm
Welcome!! It's great that you will be adopting some pigs soon. They really are wonderful. You are also right that the info is totally overwhelming to someone who is new. What I did (and still do) is write everything down in a notebook. I call it my "pig bible". At first I used it to get ideas for the cages, printed "quick picks" of ideas that I wanted to incorporate so I didn't miss things. It really helped me get ready to bring the pigs home so I wouldn't forget anything. It's also been my savior for their nutritional needs. The nutrition chart is really awesome but unfortunately some of the stuff has changed (very little of it tho) and I was afraid I would mess up their diet. I also couldn't keep portions correct in my head. I really did need a "guinea pig diet for dummies" book. lol Now of course I hardly refer to it but it really helped me in the beginning. Now I mostly track their weights in there and their menus so I know what they have been eating, how much, and when.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. The people on this board are great and very knowledgeable.

11-07-10, 01:22 pm
Ooh I like the "pig bible" idea! I've been writing things down on stickies on my computer desktop and I'm kind of running out of room :)

11-07-10, 01:25 pm
Welcome to the site!! Good luck with your new pigs, and maybe show us a picture or two when you get them! I'm thinking of moving over to fleece, but i might have to wait a few paydays cause it's going to cost a bit i think. And still learning about the fleece stuff, too. Good luck though!!